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Why should I practice T'ai Chi now?

With age come many benefits: wisdom, experience, patience and understanding. While we may no longer look or move as we did in our younger days, aging can be transformed into a positive and healthy experience. This all starts with staying fit. Tai Chi and Qigong are mind-body practices that originated in China that can open the door to a fulfilling life, keeping your body and mind active, and increase your happiness and well-being.  Tai chi has been shown in research studies to prevent or ease many common ills of aging.  It has also been shown to reduce incidences of falling and stumbling.  Maintaining physical independence, and staying engaged with the joyful experiences of everyday life are of vital importance as we age.  Tai chi can do this for you.

Overall Benefits:

  • Increases your energy and vitality.

  • Assists with weight control.

  • Builds strength and endurance: lubricates joints, strengthens and relaxes muscles.

  • Increases concentration and the ability to focus the mind.

  • Prevents and heals illness: restores yin/yang balance, maintains chi circulation.

  • Teaches deep breathing and relaxation techniques.

  • Calms down the mind and reduces stress.

Benefits as you age:

  • Increased coordination, flexibility and balance: helps prevent falls, accidents, arthritis.

  • Lowers blood pressure: prevention of heart disease and stroke.

  • Boosts the immune system: cold and flu prevention.

  • Helps relieve chronic pain.

  • Prolongs a happy and healthy life.

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