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Opening the upper and lower quas • How energy moves through the body • Moving within calmness; calmness within moving • The connections and expansions of the Dan-Tiens • Relation of Dan-Tien to Zhong-Ding • The relationship of Energy and our qigongs

Opening the meridians • Change before you reach the limit of the movement. • 3 Hollows - Middle dan-tien, hands, feet - all must open • Opening the middle dan-tien causes the lower dan-tien to fill more, • the upper dan-tien to open more, ming-men opens more, the feet to go deeper, and awareness increases • The middle dan-tien combines with the hollow in the hands and feet to make one hollow • Middle dan-tien covers the room • Hollow the chest to round the back • Your arms are your legs, and your legs are your arms. They connect and move as one. • There is a ball inside of you and a ball outside

Qigong Movements: - Circle the knees qigong - Circle Heaven and Earth

If your center is tilting then your posture is off

The upper hand pulls the lower hand to create internal expansion

Benefits of Softening the feet

Relationship of the feet to knees, the body’s weight, the lifting of the head, internal connections

Expansion of the center line

Correct position of the chin

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