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Wu JI Jing Gong Qi Gongs
Follow the Moving Ball

Stand with the legs comfortably apart, and the feet parallel to each other.
Bend both knees and hips.
Start with your feet shoulder width apart and both feet facing straight ahead of you.
Hold your arms in front of you as if holding a beach ball.

Turn and shift your weight to your right leg, as you look to the left diagonal, as if you are getting ready to give the ball to a person on your left.
As you are doing that, turn the beach ball so that your right hand on top, and your left on the bottom.  Your elbows point outward.
Reverse the motion by turning to the right diagonal while shifting your weight to your left leg.  Turn the ball so that your left hand goes on top and your right to the bottom.


Below is a clip of Master William Ting performing Follow the Ball. 
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