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Wu JI Jing Gong Qi Gongs
Push The Water

Stand with the legs comfortably apart, and the feet parallel to each other.
Bend both knees and hips.
Arms extend in front of you.  The tips of the elbows point down.  The arms are slightly bent.

Start turning your body from right to left and left to right.
As you turn your trunk, shift your weight from leg to leg.
When you turn to look to the left, your weight is on the right leg.  When you turn to the right, the weight is on the left. 
Let all the movements start from your feet, legs and hips.  Do not move from your shoulders.

As the trunk rotates, your arms feel as if they are pushing water away from you.  When you are turning to the left, both palms face the left.  When turning to the right, both palms face to the right.  The palms change gradually as the weight shifts. 

Below is a clip of Master William Ting performing Push The Water. 
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