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See video below

See videos below!

Considered the most noble and distinguished among weapons.  Both men and women can participate on the same levels in mastering the art of the sword, although women especially find the grace of this form appealing.  The same basic tai chi principles of energy, balance and coordination apply, only now qi flows through the sword as an extension of the arms.  Unity is still the key to create the gracefulness and power required to “Dance with the Sword”, as the practice is referred to in China.

William Ting


Remi Solliez, Paris, France, demonstrating the sword form.

Joe Eber has been studying the sword with Ting Kuo-Piao (William Ting since 1995.   

At this time only private classes are offered.  In the class you will learn how to hold and use the tai chi double edged sword.  You will learn a slow form and a fast moving form.  Emphasis is placed on learning to extend one's energy past the tip of the sword; to expand the body so the sword feels practically weightless; to move with momentum as if the sword is leading the movement; to move and expand from one's center.  

Deep River Tai Chi in the greater Ocala Area.  908-884-1014

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