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Wu Ji Jing Gong Tai Chi
Live Streaming Classes

Saturdays at 11am EST (Live Stream)

Wu Ji Jing Gong is a rare and unique Tai Chi style which emphasizes tai chi principles of movement, softness and roundness while keeping to its martial art roots.  Further advance your internal practice with this powerful Tai Chi form set. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Live Stream Tai Chi

    Every month
    Wu Ji Jing Gong internal practice through the Tai Chi form
    • Weekly Live Stream Classes via Zoom - Live Stream ONLY
    • Class held on Saturday's at 11am EST
    • Opportunity for Q & A; Feedback and specific requests
  • Live Stream PLUS

    Every month
    Attend live stream Tai Chi class AND have access to videos
    • Once Weekly Live Stream class PLUS>>>>
    • Access to all previous class videos
    • No need to be there at time/date--can view later!
    • Opportunities for feedback, Q & A and requests
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