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Videos By Joe Eber

Tai Chi Fundamentals and Principles

Mud Walking

In this video we will explain what goes into mud walking and demonstrate how to do it.

Positioning the Elbows

Elbows out of position, affect your posture, your rooting, and your power.

Shifting Weight by Pulling - Not Pushing

Balance and shifting weight are crucial parts of tai chi.

The Correct Elbow to Shoulder Alignment

When your shoulders tighten, they affect your entire body: your breathing, your rooting, your balance, and your power.

The Elbows Should Not Go Behind the Back

When your elbows exceed your body, you have disconnected your arms from your body and the arms have little to no power.

Turning the Feet

Turning the feet produces spiraling (silk reeling) which gives tai chi its power.

Stepping - Heel Toe or Entire Foot

How should you step; Heel-Toe or by placing the entire foot on the floor?

Stepping with Soft & Hollow Feet

Oftentimes students ask, “Where in my foot should my weight be?”  That's really the wrong question!

Turning the Feet Part 2

In tai chi there is external turning and there is internal turning.

Suspending from the Ceiling

Feel suspended by your hair.

Deep river tai chi in the greater Ocala area.  908-884-1014
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